Natural Beauty Gurus: The 10 Questions I Always Ask

So honored to be asked by Whole Living Magazine to share my thoughts about natural beauty and be in the company of such a respected group of Natural Beauty Gurus.

Name: Jessa Blades
Occupation: Founder Blades Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist
Location: NYC
Who is your beauty inspiration? My answer is simply real women. Everyday I meet another woman who is inspiring and luminous. Women who are passionate, have their own sense of style, who love themselves... this is something that you can actually see radiate and I find this "glow" very inspiring. Most recently I've been inspired and motivated by a teacher of mine, herbalist healer and elder Rosemary Gladstar.  She blends cross-cultural herbal remedies and tradition with common sense advice about living a healthy life. Rosemary is in her 60's and full of energy, love, compassion, and just a ton of plain-old goodness.
What product/treatment/beauty indulgence do you spend the most on? I would probably have to say eating really high quality food.  I believe that a healthy skin and beauty regimen starts within and I try to get all my vitamins and nutrients through my food. I definitely treat myself to a diet that is local and seasonal, which when you have my taste, can add up—but it is totally worth it! I also treat myself to massages which relax me, bring me back down to earth and are an essential part of my beauty indulgences.
What do you spend the least on? Body moisturizer. I just use high quality, organic oils, sweet almond or coconut all over my skin. I don't spend a lot on shampoo either—I find that the less I wash my hair the better. I use organic shampoo and to that I'll occasionally add in some apple cider vinegar and baking soda—to clarify, condition and clean. [Ed.: Learn how to make similar DIY beauty treatments from common pantry items.]
What does age mean to you? To me, aging feels exciting and it also means wisdom and patience. As I get older I'm thrilled and relieved to experience an overall feeling of calmness as I get to know myself better.
What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about skin/hair/nails/beauty this year? The most interesting thing that I have learned lately is about the deep connection that herbs and plant medicine have for our beauty and wellness. I've spent all summer studying herbs and while I have always known that plants are healing and an essential part of many skincare ingredients, I now have a much deeper understanding of how and when and why to use them. I've also learned to use less soap and wash less. We are simply not that dirty and all of the scrubbing and exfoliating is stripping our bodies of the necessary oils that we need to balance our skin back to heath.
What’s the one thing you do (not product-based) that you think affects your appearance more than anything else? Relaxing. I know it is annoying to hear that kind of advice, especially when you are really stressed. But stress is so dangerous to our body and our skin. I also try my best to make sure that I get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Trying to stress-less is super hard, especially in this city, but at least being aware of how powerful it is helps me to avoid stress as much as possible.

Why naturals?
Using natural, simple, healthy products is the logical direction for us all. Many of the formulations and ingredients are remedies and recipes that we have been using for centuries to heal and beatify. We simply got a bit off track with the boom of the enormous business of beauty and started to trust them instead of trusting ourselves. I love teaching about why coconut oil is healing or why to use calendula and why to drink nettles. It is time to take back the power from the big beauty companies and put it back in the hands of the people and the earth. We can re-learn how to listen to what our bodies need and how to use products and ingredients that are truly helpful—without all the toxins, preservatives, fragrances and hype from the marketing world about what we need or should have in our products. My mission is to share this exciting message about naturals and actually help heal and empower women (and men) to live their healthiest and best life.


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