EVENT: Find out what your OBGYN and your Mom never told you about Birth Control

Have you guys ever heard of the Fertility Awareness Method as a method of birth control? A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to take an intro class with the wonderful teacher Katinka Locascio and now I am thrilled to be able to host the class and share this knowledge with all of you.

Please join us for this very special event:
Fertility Awareness Workshop and Discussion with Katinka Locascio
November 2nd, 7-9 pm, Ft. Greene Brooklyn.

Whether you are looking to welcome a child into your life, 'waking up from the pill' and looking for a more natural form of birth control, or wanting to better understand you gynecological health-

This evening will be a fun flash back to high school biology class and a conversation about little talked about, but very safe forms of birth control that we bet your Doctor or your Mother never told you about!

Fertility Awareness Workshop, 7-9pm, Wednesday NOVEMBER 2nd
7-7:30pm- Cocktails, Herb Tisanes and Conversation
7:30-8:45pm- Lecture begins at 7:30pm; Q&A and discussion to follow

$25 per person Buy your ticket here 
 For questions or more information, contact: or call (646) 580-2851

About Fertility Awareness:
Fertility Awareness teaches a woman how her body works and provides a method by a which she can chart signals to know each day if she's fertile.  Not the ineffective rhythm method, Fertility awareness is based on science and understanding one's own body.  It is inherently empowering and helps women gauge their gynecological health as well make choices about fertility. This class will not teach the method itself, but provides an introduction and be an open forum for discussion and questions.  Check out this great article too: Your Grandmother's Birth Control Might Actually Work by Nona Willis Aronowitz.

About Katinka:
Katinka Locascio, is the founder of Earth + Sky Healing Arts and has been practicing bodywork since 2001.  She currently teaches classes on Fertility Awareness method and natural birth control and writes for

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