Healthy Hair

It seems that healthy hair care is on everyone's mind these days.
The lovely ladies over at No More Dirty Looks gave us a Summer Hair Challenge. We were asked to leave our hair alone...."Some time in the next week, when you get up in the morning, shower, shampoo and condition your hair using nontoxic natural products, comb it when you get out of the shower, and that’s it. No leave-ins, no heat. Once it’s dry, send us a pic."  

And to round it off, Tisha, from the style blog TISL, was on her own quest to find a healthy shampoo that works. We got to talking about hair care, why and how shampoo works... and how to find the perfect shampoo for you.  from TISL...  
"Jessa Blades, a natural beauty expert and makeup artist based in NY is tired of sacrificing women’s health in the name of beauty.  “Our hair is way too clean.  It's specifically the lathery-foam that takes our hair out of its balanced state,” she says.   In essence, we wash our hair daily stripping its natural oils just to “try” to put it all back in by using a “moisturizing” shampoo.  Funny.  Sounds like a circle that can be avoided.  Blades’ advice is to, “stop washing your hair as often.  Try using a dry shampoo in between washings, and give your hair some time to balance itself out.”

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  1. Having a healthy hair is really nice. Our hair needs some care because it gives beauty to us. Thanks for sharing this to us.