Fashion Week

I cannot believe that Summer is over and Fashion Week is here. I'm looking to the movie Indian Summer (watch it free on Hulu) for my inspiration of what to wear this week. Have you guys seen that movie recently?
 Its from '93...Bill Paxton with long hair... Diane Lane with long hair.... muscle tees, tribal prints... I'm in love.

In addition to watching movies from the '90's I'll also be getting inspired by the other fashions on the runway. Looking at clothes for Spring/Summer 2012 is helping to ease the pain of the end of Summer 2011.
Speaking of clothes...

I was able to collaborate with an incredible NYC based designer Caron Callahan for her Spring/Summer 2012 fashion presentation, doing the makeup to complement her beautiful designs.
Here is a sneak peek... Stay tuned for more pics and behind the scenes coverage of the show.

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