Can Livia Firth Green Her Beauty Routine? I say yes!

When I tell people that I work with natural and organic products most people seem very curious but they always have the same questions: are the products hard to find? Do the products work? Do they last? And my answer is yes. I had the chance to sit down with the lovely Livia Firth and talk about what I use and how I came to switching over to healthy beauty products. See the whole article here in UK VOGUE and below is the recap that I wrote for: Mind Body Green: 

"The Oscars are just days away and I'm still trying to figure out where I'll watch the show (three of my friends are hosting parties) and scrambling to see as many of the nominated movies as I can before Sunday. I always love watching the night unfold, all of the glamour and the fabulous outfits, and this year I'm particularly excited to see what the stunning Livia Firth (Best Actor nominee Colin Firth's wife) will be wearing. Livia is an expert in eco-fashion, runs an amazing sustainable shop in London called Eco-Age, and writes a column for UK about what she wears on the red carpet, appropriately called "The Green Carpet Challenge."
A couple of months ago I was able to sit down with Livia and chat about all things related to natural beauty, non-toxic makeup, and why making the switch to naturals is important. For many women, personal care is the last hurdle on their quest to live healthier lives; after they have looked at what they are eating and wearing, women usually look next at what they are putting on their lips and cheeks. During our time together Livia shared many of the same concerns that most women have about making switch to naturals: Will the products look the same as what I'm used to? Will the makeup last? Where can you buy these new products?In her post for Vogue, Livia shares her red carpet beauty rituals and wonders if she is ready for a "Green Beauty Challenge." My vote is YES!"

In the morning:
Facewash: Wash your face with organic raw coconut oil which you can buy at any health food store or use Tata Harper Rejuvinating Cleanser.
Eye cream: Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.
Face cream: Argan oil by Kahina Giving Beauty.

Face: Toned Day Cream by Dr Hauskha or RMS Beauty Concealer and then apply bronzer by Couleur Caramel or Organic Glam Blusher from The Organic Pharmacy.
Eyes: Mascara by Couleur Caramel, eye shadow by Jane Iredale and eye liner by Zosimos Botanicals.
Lips: Lipstick by Primitive or gloss by Revolution Organics.

Evening cleansing and preparation for night
Facewash: Wash your face with organic raw coconut oil as in the morning (apparently, it works miracles and it does not irritate eyes either), or organic sweet almond oil.
Eye cream: Kahina Giving Beauty eye cream.
Face: Argan oil, as in the morning.

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