3/25/10 "Makeup artist Jessa Blades' Guide To Organic Cosmetics, starring Brooklyn indie-pop lovelies Au Revoir Simone"

Great interview from by Rebecca Prusinowski. Photos by Jacqueline Di Milia.

"After years of working in the cosmetics industry, makeup artist Jessa Blades grew sick of sacrificing women's health for the sake of beauty. She ditched toxic brands and formed Blades Natural Beauty in 2008, offering makeup services that use only natural and organic products. Blades also began working as an organic beauty consultant and has since emerged as one of the go-to experts in an eco-beauty movement that's long overdue.
Here Blades gives PAPER a heads-up on toxic cosmetics to steer clear of and some beauty tips for amping up your Spring/Summer look. And to prove that you can gussy up without using dangerous products, Blades demonstrates a few looks on the ladies of Brooklyn's melodic indie-pop trio Au Revoir Simone.
Let's talk spring cleaning. How often should makeup be replaced? What's the best way to clean your brushes?
Mascara should be replaced every three to five months -- and please -- don't share. Washing your brushes is really important -- the goal should be every week. All you need is a bit of gentle shampoo or hand soap. For an extra luscious makeup experience, every fourth time you wash your brushes, add a little conditioner after you shampoo them -- your brushes will feel amazing. Short on time? Bring your brushes into the shower and wash them in there. But please wash them! Your makeup will look better and it keeps nasty bacteria off of your face.
As we move into a new season, resolve to make small changes with your beauty routine. No need to throw everything away, just slowly incorporate more organic products into your life. Small changes will be better for your budget -- and a less abrupt change for your skin.
Winter weather conditions can be brutal on the skin -- especially the face. What are some ways to combat residual dry skin from January and February as we move into spring?
We hear it all the time, but drinking water and eating well are so important. In addition to nourishing your skin through food, I recommend eating omega supplements and adding more nuts and seeds to your diet.
Another tip (which I am trying to do myself) is to put a big glass of water by the bed and drink it first thing in the morning upon waking. This helps hydrate the skin and body right away – too many of us jumpstart our day with caffeine which only increases dehydration.
Using organic oils is also a great way to combat winter skin. Contrary to what most people think, oils do not clog pores – they’re an amazing way to hydrate and protect your skin. Organic argan oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil are great moisturizers -- but avoid mineral oil because that will clog your pores... read the whole story here.

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