Best Party of 2009

I know it is 2010 and believe me, I am ready for it. I'm moving full steam ahead and so excited for the new year and all of the adventures on the horizon. But, before too much more times passes, I wanted to make sure to share one amazing night from last year. 

My friends, Hollister Hovey (genius design blogger) and Porter Hovey (brilliant photographer) are incredibly talented creatures and put together a Frontier themed Holiday Party.
Some of the highlights were:
A live bluegrass band and banjos
beef and tofu jerkey
a 9 foot tall Christmas tree and their AMAZING apartment
ROOT (a certified organic spirit made with North American herbs & pure cane sugar)

I had the pleasure of coming a bit early to help the ladies get into character.
For Hollister:
a red lip
black eyeliner
 lots of black mascara

For Porter:
bronzed cheeks
soft glossy lip
shimmery gold eye shadow

For more images from the party check out Hollister's post
photo credit: Porter Hovey

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