Natural Beauty Workshop with the Tipi Project

Dreams are coming true! On September 9th I will be teaching a class in a 30 foot Tipi with the Tipi Project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Tipi Project is an intergenerational community space designed to foster connection between people, land, creativity and tradition through art, culture and education. Currently the tipi is in Havemeyer Park in South Willimamburg but only until the end of September- so be sure to check out upcoming classes.

Below is a description of my class- hope to see you there!

First we will talk about natural and organic beauty and products, why they are important, how they heal our skin and bodies and how to identify the right ones for you. We will learn about healing tonic herbs and create a tea blend that we will all share together and sip throughout the night. Next we will make a couple of simple skincare products. discussing raw ingredients, essential oils, and herbs.

You will leave this night empowered to take better care of your skin from the inside out and be inspired to look at your own beauty rituals in a much more holistic way.
Each student will leave with a custom tea blend of herbs and some of each of the products that we make together.

September 9th
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P.S. T Magazine wrote about our class! Now you have to come :)

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