Winter Wellness Workshop

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get  Carly Harrison, of Vermana Herbals, to come down from Vermont and teach us how to keep ourselves strong and healthy all winter long. Herbal cocktails, learning, snacks, sharing and then some beauty product shopping. What a perfect night!

Tea brewing on the stove

Carly's Winter Blend tincture
Smelling the herbs
Our immune boosting cocktail featuring elderberry syrup, lemon, cava and rosie day tincture.
These were the stars of the night!
Odile chopping the Echinacea root
Herbal students
notes notes notes

Yummy immune boosting snacks: rosemary and garlic honey on goat cheese & lemon and lavender sugar cookies
Carly making garlic lemonade
Jessa showing makeup techniques
The magical eyeliner for smokey eyes
The Echinacea tincture we made
Amazing gift bags care of Earth tu Face, Whole Living Magazine and Thumbs Cookies
And a big thanks to Daeja Fallas for the photos!

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