Making Sense of What is SAFE

Understanding what products to use and ingredients are safe can be VERY confusing.
The  Skin Deep Database is an invaluable resource for learning more about different brands, products and ingredients.

Here are two articles that you might find helpful as you navigate the Skin Deep Database.
Navigating the EWG Skin Deep Database by Bubble and Bee
Tip #1 for using the Skin Deep Database: Choose natural over synthetic
Tip #2: Look for errors
Tip #3: Use common sense

 Terri Bly’s Guide to the Skin Deep Database 
Tip #1: First, search by brand
Tip #2: Look at the Data Gap
Tip #3: Understand the contamination issue
Tip #4: Understand the fragrance issue
Tip #5: Don’t put too much weight on whether a company has signed the Compact
Tip #6: Use the Skin Deep Database as a guide, not a Bible

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