HOW-TO: Make Spicy Heirloom Tomatoes & Sweet Corn

Happy Summer everyone. It has been hot and sticky here in Brooklyn but I don't mind the heat, I used to live in the Caribbean. So when this time of year comes around I'm in a great mood and all I want to do is eat vegetables, swim and never wear shoes. I recently reconnected with an old friend from my days on the island of St. John (yes, we used to live there... and no, I don't know why I left). Nicole is a super talented photographer and I've spent most of the morning looking at her work and drooling on my computer. I thought I would share this recipe, as it is a timely one, as us folks on the East Coast are getting pumped up about our August diet that consists of only corn and tomatoes.
Shopping List:
heirloom tomatoes
fresh corn
chives (optional, or your favorite fresh herb)
sea salt and pepper
pinch of cayenne or paprika
drizzle of olive oil
squeeze of lemon or lime
See the full recipe here on Nicole's Blog

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