Time to stop using Cetaphil

Lately there has been some talk about why Cetaphil face cleanser should be avoided. I constantly hear people say that they have been washing their faces with it for years and are shocked when I tell them that they should consider trying something else. I used it for about twelve years, it was recommended to me by Dermatologists and countless doctors. So I'm speaking from very personal experience. It may seem hard to let go, but it will truly benefit your skin to use something else, I promise.

Check out the recent post (with LOTS of comments) from
"Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser contains just eight ingredients: water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben. All but the water are chemically manufactured (let’s hope), and propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and the three parabens have a seat on the dirty dozen, a list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid as potentially toxic." 

See folks- this "gentle" cleanser is not so gentle. You don't have to understand what these ingredients are or what they do- just understand enough to know that you should stop using it.
Here is my follow-up comment about my experience with Cetaphil-
"As a Cetaphil user for years I understand why people tend to freak out when they learn that it’s filled with some not-so-helpful ingredients. How can it be so bad if your dermatologist told you that it will help your skin? That it is so gentle, you don’t even need to use water to take it off! I used to think that there was something really wrong with my skin, I went to countless dermatologists looking for help. They claimed to understand my dry, sensitive skin and told me to use Cetaphil and Aquaphor. I believed that they were on my team, that these products would really help heal my skin. Well, let’s just say that the products didn’t help at all. I now know that my skin is totally normal BUT what it was sensitive to- were the irritants in those very products that the doctor was telling me to use.
So to all of those ladies (and men) who are skeptical about what folks are saying about Cetaphil- let me invite you to experiment- to stop using it- try one of the products that are recommended on the site- or even just try using raw/organic coconut oil to clean and moisturize your face…. I promise you, your skin will improve. My skin has changed 100% for the better since I stopped using Cetaphil and the other products that the dermatologist suggested."


  1. Thank you, Jessa, for speaking out AND for suggesting Coconut Oil as an alternative. As a former Cetaphil devotee, I have found Coconut Oil to be the alternative. Newbies, you may break out the first few rounds, as the oil brings out toxins you may be patient and let your skin do its thing, within a week, you'll see the results. Coconut oil has that nice filmy feel like Cetaphil, but unlike the bad stuff it's actually good for you. And you'll smell like a macaroon!

  2. I had to take my 7 month old son to a dermatologist 2 weeks ago because his skin became inflamed and very red (I was referred by his Pediatrician who prescribed a minor steroid cream prior to the referral.) I've been using California Baby products since he was born and Badger Baby Balm and he's never had a problem with any of it. The derm told me it was Atopic Dermatitis and I should use RestoraDerm from Cetaphil. That was it? Oh, and a prescription for 2.5% Hydrocortisone cream. I was mad and confused.

    I whipped out my California Baby Calendula cream and asked his assistant/nurse (or whoever she was) why I couldn't use it because it's not full of nasty chemical ingredients. She told me Cetaphil will help because it has those! WHAT?! I tried it on his legs, he screamed and hollered. I rinsed it off and stuck with what I was using :) I've gone mostly dairy-free and gluten-free since I'm breastfeeding. His skin isn't getting better, but it's not getting worse. I thought about trying Coconut Oil since I use it for a body moisturiser and eye makeup remover. xxoo