Organic Beauty Magazine

The first issue of Organic Beauty is out in stores now. Go pick up a copy or check it out online.

I really like the article about "The Latest Sulfate-Free Shampoos"

The issue also did a profile on the wonderful ladies form Teens Turning Green!

Featured in every issue:
Ageless Beauty: Natural Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery and Injectables
Green & Gorgeous:The Latest Organic Skin-, Hair-, and Body-care
Beauty & Well-Being: Organic Foods, Elixirs, Herbs, and Supplements
Fitness & Facial Workouts
Global Beauty: Treatments and tips from around the globe
Eco-Style Diary: Beauty, fashion, and style trends
Problem Skin: Organic Remedies
Profiles of Trendsetters and True Innovators
Celebrity Solutions
Organic Resorts & Spas
Readers’ Natural Beauty Secrets

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